What if my sub can not see my server although he linked his twitch to discord, tried to log in log out and left and rejoined server and still no luck, i power sync. Simply wondering what may assist in this sort of case. Yes I’m sure he is a sub.

Starting with the episode Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1, he is added to the intro, the place he could be seen inside Fluttershy’s cottage via the window. Within the opening beginning with the episode The Maud Couple, Discord seems getting a suntan at Fluttershy’s sanctuary. A trading card was launched of Discord in 2012. As discord login , the text, which says Discord can turn Equestria “the other way up”, is intentionally the wrong way up.

The Alicorn named Chaos and other non-Hasbro characters on a Hasbro-licensed WeLoveFine T-shirt. Of WeLoveFine’s art prints, Discord appears on “Legends of Equestria” and “Epic Mare Battle”. An 11-inch Discord figurine is included within the Guardians of Harmony toy line. A variation of the same figurine with open eyes was made obtainable on the 2016 San Diego Comedian-Con International and comes with a Fluttershy figure. Discord tricking Rainbow Sprint.

Discord is arrogant and overconfident, as he underestimated the ponies’ capacity to revive their friendship and wield the elements of Harmony. Regardless of having a fondness for chaos, he can grow to be simply annoyed if issues don’t go in line with his plan; he becomes impatient when he can not corrupt Fluttershy as simply as the other ponies.